Homemade Yogurt that’s Crazy Talk

I am one of those gals who likes to make food products that some people buy everyday from scratch. Yes! I was the kid at the colonial farms ecstatic about churning butter at age 9. Don’t worry that might be on my list of other homemade food items. This homemade yogurt is my go to … Continue reading

Hello Sweety!

Single serve sweet potato dessert or casserole depending on where you are from. 1/2 of a 5″ sweet potato steamed to soften. I left the skin on because I like the skin. Smashed the sweet potato in a small ramekin then covered with my oats, brown sugar and butter. To make feel like more of … Continue reading

A Quiche for me?

The Hardest part about cooking is cooking for 1. There are plenty of recipes that have service for 4 and up. I don’t want to be eating quiche for a week. As I stated in a previous posting I not really a left over eating type of gal. I love cooking it gives me a … Continue reading

Happy New Year food

In my family New Year’s Day you eat a certain cluster of foods to welcome the new year. Pork, black eye peas, greens and a grain. I made braised pork chops, hopping (black eye peas with greens) John with red mini quinoa. It was good I had it for lunch. Enjoy!

Dinner is served

It’s that time of the year when I get all excited about the cooking possibilities and the fact that I get bored. Did I mention I am trying to take my eating back to a time when stuff was make from scratch. Less process. They call it clean eating but I call it flavorful eating. … Continue reading


You ever get a hankering to have a certain dish that you normally don’t make on a regular basis. I did tonight. I wanted some tabbouleh. I had a delicious tabbouleh salad at my friend’s Garden party last weekend. I wanted to enjoy that taste again tonight. Problem! I didn’t quiet have all the ingredients … Continue reading

Glass or Plastic

I have been hearing from other people in my grocery co-op and random “hippies” who state that we should be using glass storage dishes instead of plastic. At first I was like “Whatever its like the whole vegetarian, vegan thing again.” I started using only my Pyrex and anchor glass storage dishes for my leftovers … Continue reading

What’s for dinner? Question has been solved.

What’s for dinner? Question has been solved.

One day on Living Social they had a coupon for half off Emeals. Basically, Emeals is a site that pretty much gives you the menu, directions and shopping list for dinners 7 days a week. Fortunately for me, I am single so the meals for 2 also provides lunch for the next day. I went to 2 dinner grocery stores to get my things on the list. I like going to 2 different grocery stores because each store has a different specialty. going to both grocery stores my total bill from both stores was 70.00 for the week. I have spent more than that getting random stuff that might make a meal for one or 2 days. The first day meal is a white wine chicken with vegetable rice pilaf with strawberries. Tonight the meal is shrimp noodle pasta with mango berry. Both meals were delicious and I was able to have the extra for lunch the next day. The serving amounts for each meals is exact that there isn’t a shortage and there isn’t a whole lot of leftovers that you don’t want to eat later because there is so much.

I don’t know how you feel about menu planners but this is the best I have seen yet. Easy to assemble meals that took 30-45 minutes to prepare tops. No looking in the refrigerator trying to figure out what you are going to make for dinner.

Try out the Emeals!


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