Teavana Teas

So my whole core was rocked yesterday! I know it seems like I am sweating the small stuff but it really bothered me.

Here is the story:

Every time I visit the infamous mall, I partake in the Teavana tea samples. I have more than 1 sample cup of tea. Thinking that one day I am going to save up and get me some of that delicious tea from Teavana. 

Yesterday unlike any other time I visit the mall, I have my 2 free samples of tea. However, today my sister mentioned that Teavana is having a clearance on some loose leaf tea and that her friend was able to get some tea for less than 20 bucks. I am like hooray that day has come that I too will be able to enjoy Teavana tea at home. I already have a Teavana teapot. So I went inside the Teavana store to where the clearance stand was located. I searched through the various teas on clearance. I found a tea, I might be interested in and then I asked the store associate about the tea’s flavor and what it would taste like. He stated that this tea would lean more to tasting like grape juice but not that grape tart taste. I was like, I can handle that. The rest of the tea’s on clearance were pumpkin spice and something with chocolate. I just don’t get a delicious vibe from chocolate tea. Anywho I was ready to purchase and enjoy this tea. However, before I buy this tea I need to know how to make it just like teavana does. How much tea and water. Because their sample tea taste so delicious, that I assumed it was just plain tea and hot water with the right mixture of both. 

I come to find out that the sample they make is sweetened with sugar.  I know I know you are probably thinking so what, the reason I have a problem is that they give this portrayal that their natural teas are delicious because they are perfectly made blends that provide enough flavor you don’t need sugar. 

Wrong their is sugar in that Teavana tea. Then the sales associate try to sell me on the sugar they sell at Teavana. Our beet sugar sweetens the tea better than cane sugar. After then I was like who gives a flying flip about beet or cane sugar. It’s sugar. Disclaimer I have no problem with sugar in moderation and I believe neither is better or worse in moderation. 

I just feel like Teavana is a bate and switch. Bate you into buying their tea because it is so delicious and natural tasting, knowing that you won’t be able to get the same sample product with out adding sugar. 

That rocked my core and totally changed my feeling about Teavana. Now if I was some of their delicious tea I will just by it by the cup that they make at the store. Economically the tea is not worth the purchase per ounce to make at home.

What’s your take on Teavana Tea with sugar?


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