Paleo Much!

Like I mentioned in my other blog, I was thinking about testing out Paleo to see if that food lifestyle would fit my way of living. In my blog post “Someone Food Roofied me” I talked about eating a pizza and feeling so exhausted and dizzy from the whole experience. I have been researching on line and books about going Paleo or even Primal which is suppose to be a less strenuous version of Paleo. The gist of the food lifestyle change is to go back to our caveman roots in which we give up grains and maximize on protein, fruits and vegetables. Which sounds nice since I  don’t like being dizzy or drunk like when eating some carbohydrates. So I decided to test out the Paleo. These are some of my Paleo breakfast food creations.

A lot of lettuce, tomato, and mushrooms. I made a homemade salsa to put on top of the eggs and all the lettuce I was eating. So I am thinking Paleo might be a bit too extreme for me. Plus it requires a lot of food planning and meat which is expensive.




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