At little comfort

20130202-232555.jpgI kind of felt out of sorts because I have not cooked anything in a while. I have made quick and easy meals. Either heating up a TV dinner or making a tortilla wrap.

This Saturday I wanted to make chili but I didn’t want to do all that much work. I know chili is easy but I want it easier. I know most people say if you want chili to be easy, then put all your ingredients in a crock pot. I am not a crock pot fan. I kind of feel like the crock pot has an after taste that I don’t like. I can’t explain it but it is there.

My favorite kitchen appliance that helps me to do a lot of cooking prep without watching is my Rice Cooker. I can make an awesome pot of sticky rice, and have steamed vegetables. A lot of the times I put my sweet potatoes in there from my last blog post called “Hello Sweety”  I’m in love with my steamer”

Any who, the chili I made tonight is no different. I had a frozen block of sirloin ground beef. I had 2 cans of dark kidney beans, a can of diced petite tomatoes and a frozen pack of chopped onions, peppers.

The first thing, I placed the sirloin ground beef in the rice cooker with a 1.5 cups of water. Then I seasoned the sirloin ground beef with all the chili like seasoning that I had at home. I don’t have a chili pack mix. I pretty much free styled until I got to what it should taste like. Then I put the rice cooker on the white rice setting and I went to watch my show. After about 10 minutes I checked on the rice cooker to break up the sirloin ground beef into smaller bites. The rice cooker locked in the flavor that the water that the ground beef was cooking in became the flavored broth so I did not need to add water like if you were making regular chili in a pan due to the fact that you don’t want your chili to dry out before the seasoning had time to mingle. I dumped all the ingredients of the chili into the rice cooker and locked the lid and let it cook for 30 minutes on white rice setting and then I just turn it down to just keep warm setting so that the chili could have time to lock in the flavor. I did add a tablespoon of white vinegar to my chili. My roommate informed me that the tablespoon of vinegar may cut down the gas production that is made with the beans. Adding the vinegar did not change the flavor of my chili. It did however help with me not crop dust my home.

Poof! You get a simple chili serving 4-6 people and you didn’t have to wait for your ground beef to defrost. I feel because the ground beef was steamed cooked, the meat was more moist and flavorful than frying it in the pan.

On to the Corn bread!

I never made corn bread from scratch. In my house we always had a box of jiffy corn bread some where. Jiffy corn bread box is so cheap some times I think they are just giving it away. Tonight was different. I did not have a box of jiffy and it was too cold outside, to be running to the store for 1 box of jiffy corn bread. So when doubt Google it out! So I Googled a corn bread recipe. Most of the ones I found require buttermilk. Which is another thing I don’t have and probably won’t buy unless I was making a specific recipe. Googled it again and I found a substitution for buttermilk. Basically it is regular milk with a table-spoon of lemon juice or white vinegar. So I followed the recipe with my buttermilk substitution and Poof! homemade corn bread. The only thing I would change about the recipe is the level of sweetness. I am a sweet corn bread lover. This recipe wasn’t sweet enough for me. I would have added more sugar or honey.

All this Chili goodness was made in a lid locked Rice cooker while listening to R&B slow jams. I forgot how nice it is to cook with music.

Electric rice cooker including scoop, containi...

Electric rice cooker including scoop, containing uncooked rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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