Posted in February 2013

Paleo Much!

Like I mentioned in my other blog, I was thinking about testing out Paleo to see if that food lifestyle would fit my way of living. In my blog post “Someone Food Roofied me” I talked about eating a pizza and feeling so exhausted and dizzy from the whole experience. I have been researching … Continue reading

Pizza to Calzone!

What to do with left over pizza dough? How about make a calzone! That is surely what I did with my awesome homemade pizza dough recipe.      I also, made some baked zucchini fries with some left over zucchini I had in the refrigerator. Way to be resourceful.

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Some of the best pizza I have had were not in your chain pizza restaurants such as pizza hut, papa john, or little Caesar. The best pizza I had are frozen pizzas. I feel the frozen pizza dabble in more creative pizza creations than the chain restaurants. The Chain restaurants have the usual pepperoni, sausage, … Continue reading

At little comfort

I kind of felt out of sorts because I have not cooked anything in a while. I have made quick and easy meals. Either heating up a TV dinner or making a tortilla wrap. This Saturday I wanted to make chili but I didn’t want to do all that much work. I know chili is … Continue reading