A Quiche for me?


A single serve Crust less Bacon Spinach Gouda Quiche

The Hardest part about cooking is cooking for 1. There are plenty of recipes that have service for 4 and up. I don’t want to be eating quiche for a week. As I stated in a previous posting I not really a left over eating type of gal. I love cooking it gives me a since of peace and calms my mind. I don’t think about much when I am cooking but the ingredients and flavor. So I came in from work today and basically crashed for about 4 hours. I woke up from my after work nap and realize one, I haven’t got my work out in yet and two, I am hungry but its late and I don’t feel like spending hours yet I don’t want to eat crap and then hate myself later. So I decided quiche it is. This recipe is a crust less quiche. No pastry dough preparations. I just fried some bacon, sauteed some spinach, onions and peppers. Which I already had chopped and ready for me because I like to buy the frozen stuff during the winter. I already had Gouda slices. Butter flavored PAM sprayed a ramekin. I just put 1 layer of spinach/pepper/onion sauteed, Gouda slice, then bacon crumbles, then the rest of the spinach/onion/pepper saute, then the remaining bacon. Then added in the egg mixture and then topped with Gouda slice and baked in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes or less.

Boom! a single serve quiche that you don’t have to eat for days. Also, if you have more mini ramekins like this you probably could make one ahead of time and freeze it. BOOP! A frozen meal.

My friend Tawnya gave me the idea of quiche since she make an awesome spinach mushroom quiche.



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