My version of Tabbouleh

You ever get a hankering to have a certain dish that you normally don’t make on a regular basis. I did tonight. I wanted some tabbouleh. I had a delicious tabbouleh salad at my friend’s Garden party last weekend. I wanted to enjoy that taste again tonight. Problem! I didn’t quiet have all the ingredients to make the classic Tabbouleh salad. So I decided that tabbouleh is a cold salad grain dish with fresh veggies. In my make shift tabbouleh, I have green onions, sun dried tomatoes, cilantro and broccoli slaw. I also, had lemon juice, olive oil, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and cumin seeds. I followed the tabbouleh recipe on the back of my bulgur. While the bulgur was being made, I chopped up cilantro, sun dried tomatoes, green onions, and broccoli slaw. Once the Bulgar was done, I put olive oil in the bulgur, added kosher salt and then added all the fresh veggies I chopped. I then added pepper, and cumin seeds. Mixed in lemon juice and then let the tabbouleh sit for 30 minutes.

This is my final product. A delicious homemade  tabbouleh that can be lunch for tomorrow.


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