Glass or Plastic

I have been hearing from other people in my grocery co-op and random “hippies” who state that we should be using glass storage dishes instead of plastic. At first I was like “Whatever its like the whole vegetarian, vegan thing again.” I started using only my Pyrex and anchor glass storage dishes for my leftovers and I have to say I do notice a difference. If you remember a while back I had a post about how I hate “leftovers”. Some thing about the taste and quality of food  and the fact I like variety. Since I started putting my food in my glass dishes, I have been able to eat my leftovers with less hesitation and with some joy. The food taste as good as when I first cooked it and it doesn’t have that aged smell that it does when I put food in plastic containers. The glass dishes are less porous to allow the food to maintain its flavor without the container placing its own flavor onto the food. Let me tell you about reheating leftovers in the microwave. The food reheats better in the glass dishes and if you are like me with a crappy semi-functioning microwave then you can just get a large pot with boiling water and place your glass dishes in there to reheat. I know it doesn’t give the instant gratification that the microwave provides but you get evenly reheated food with no crusty burnt parts and no random ridiculously hot parts either. I have to say the people at the grocery co-op have something going with using glass. I will give them this point. I am not going completely vegetarian or vegan any time soon. One has to convince the bears, lions, and any other meat eating animal to also go vegetarian. When I can walk in a safari with out a covered jeep and hang out with the lions without them licking their lips at me, then I will try going completely vegetarian.

Next goal to remove the use of the microwave from my form of cooking and go back to just using the stove/oven. They say that the microwaves are not good for you because it destroys the nutrients in food. Since the “hippies” were right about the glass dishes I can try the no microwave technique.

My Fridge with Thanksgiving Leftovers

How I use to store leftovers


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