More veggies please

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Herb Salad mix, hard boiled egg, and a nice quinoa salad with spinach, onions, and peppers.

Tonight’s vegetarian meal.

Summertime is the time that people reinvest in there new years goals because the weather is nicer and there is less clothing to cover your imperfections. Also, summertime is perfect for the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. Tonight was no different. I always tell my vegetarian friend that I am not ready for an all vegetarian diet. I would miss protein too much. I like eggs, beans and tofu but nothings gives me the added boost like animal protein. I agree that we eat too much meat in our current diet. I am game to reduce the amount of meat protein to about 2-3 days a week non-consecutive days. I enjoy lean proteins. I enjoy making this meal and it was fun and roasted Brussels sprouts is good. I made a avocado vinaigrette for the herb salad mix.  This would be a good vegan meal minus the eggs.

Tomorrow back to my normal!


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