I found Good BBQ in Madison WI :-)

One thing my sister won’t pass up is some good BBQ. So lately, we had a hankering for some good quality BBQ.  Most of the time we hit the Famous Dave’s but lately the Dave’s has gone too corporate chain restaurant and their quality of food has diminished as well as service. I have tried other non-chain BBQ restaurants such as Fat Jacks. Do not go to Fat Jacks for BBQ. They don’t know anything about BBQ and their food made me want to throw up.

However, on the ride to Texas Road house for some BBQ or meat, we saw a new BBQ restaurant. The place is Dickey’s BBQ Pit. We were skeptical because Madison Wisconsin is not the best place to get BBQ. Based on our preliminary criteria, a BBQ place is good when you:

  1. There is picnic table print table-cloth (checkered with white and some other color)
  2. You can smell the BBQ when you open the door
  3. If you look at the people eating in the restaurant, are the people wiping their mouths or licking their fingers to clean themselves up.
  4. If the staff at the restaurant can tell you about how they make their food.

Dickey’s met all the preliminary criteria. The staff was able to tell me if the ribs were dry rubbed, if the ribs are dry ribs or wet ribs. You can see them chop up the pork, beef brisket and ribs. The only problem we had been we didn’t know what to get. The price was decent. I got a pulled pork and ribs for 10.50 with 2 sides. That is way cheaper than Famous Daves. They have stuffed potatoes which my dad would love and a boat load of sides that you can choose from. The meat was fall off the bone good. It was moist yet not mushy. The ribs are dry rubbed and barbeque sauce can be added to the end when you order. They had 3 styles of barbecue sauces. Original, sweet and spicy. The sauces were the right consistency and flavor. Sometimes when you try other barbeque sauces it is too thick or spicy or vinegary. Perfect sauce that I ended up taking some home for later.

So, if you happen to be in Madison Wisconsin and want some lip smacking BBQ stop by Dickey’s. They have the best BBQ I have tried thus far in the area at a reasonable price.


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