Review of 2 restaurants that I ate over the weekend.

I remember eating veggie burgers in my college...

I remember eating veggie burgers in my college cafeteria as an undergrad, and thinking they weren't convincing at all. This veggie burger, however, tasted very burger-like. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the weekend I decided to hang out with my sibling and eat out. Friday night was more of a last minute thing but I was hungry and need something to eat at midnight. Remind you my sibling is a young college student who is in that stage of her life in which cooking anything is so not cool. Any who, we wanted to try a pub style restaurant but they do not serve food after a certain time. So the only thing open at midnight in this college town is drunken libations. Basically, food that drunk people would not notice is crap. Because there was nothing open we tried a food establishment called J.D’s. Its a small African American business trying to make it in a predominantly white college town. I want African American businesses to flourish but sometimes the business plan was not complete. Meaning they didn’t think about all the possibilities. First thing the restaurant is missing is ambiance or a theme. You don’t know you are even at J.D’s because there is very little signage informing you that you have arrived at this restaurant. The second problem is presentation. I ordered a steak burger and fries and I have to say that burger did not have much steak or even meat in the burger. It tasted like soy filler or veggie burger. Now onto the burger, I like the idea of having a burger on toast bread instead of a bun but the burger was sloppy. It had way too much ketchup, mustard, mayo that the burger itself was sliding from side to side. I eventually had to slide the burger out of the sandwich and eat it with a fork. The other problem was the fries weren’t done enough. Most people like fries with a crisp and a golden color. All in all I don’t see this restaurant lasting for very long. It might be better off as a food cart on campus.

The next night we went to the restaurant that we planned to go to the night before. Dotty’s Dumplings Dowry. This restaurant has won food awards and is spoken highly about in getting a good burger. The whole menu is a la carte. The burgers are very expensive. A burger here on average is between 7-10 dollars not including a side dish or drink. Secondly, when you get the burger it is topped with condiments and specialty sauce. The burger sounds delicious on the menu. I ordered the Rolls Royce burger. When it came out it looked more like an over priced Toyota. You would think how much I paid for the burger they would upgrade the bun. Also, the burger had all these toppings but no flavor. Weird right! That is what I thought. I think they spent all that time making the burger look awesome but didn’t spend any time on the content. As my father would say “All things that glitters isn’t always gold” and that is pretty much my take on the infamous Dotty’s Dumplings Dowry. You might have fooled the food critics but not this customer. If you want to eat a bourgeois burger and with no taste but it is expensive so as to maintain your expensive lifestyle then Dotty’s Dumplings Dowry is the perfect place for you. For the average American

on a budget and likes real food taste then pass on the Dotty’s.



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