Learning to love my home cooking

I am not a terrible cook. Some people would say my food is quite delicious. I just don’t enjoy feasting on my cooking. I like the presentation, and the science of making something so flavorful and delicious. I just don’t care for the eating as much. Once I cook the meal it looses it desire to enjoy. I guess this is what my mom was talking about. I find the eating of the meal very lonely and unfulfilling. Lonely in the aspects that my meal is eat only by me on normal non-socialize with my friends days. Unfufilling in the way that I know the ingredients and how to make the dish that there is no mystery.

Here is the dilemma, I am trying to eat healthy and save money by not eating out all the time. However, I miss the social aspects of eating out. Even when I am out eating by myself I enjoy watching others enjoy their meal.

This week I have been good about not eating out as much. I have made such delicious dishes as pork tacos, pho and yesterday sauteed mushrooms with cheese steak. The food was delicious but it did not give me the same feeling as to going to the restaurant. I know home cook food is always better than restaurant but I can’t help it. I want that restaurant feeling at home!




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