Posted in March 2012

Learning to love my home cooking

I am not a terrible cook. Some people would say my food is quite delicious. I just don’t enjoy feasting on my cooking. I like the presentation, and the science of making something so flavorful and delicious. I just don’t care for the eating as much. Once I cook the meal it looses it desire … Continue reading

Pho Sure

The latest craze of asian cuisine is Pho. Pho is a noodle dish with fresh ingredients in a flavorful broth. I didn’t understand the craze for this dish until I tried it. Disclaimer: I hate chicken noodle soup with a passion. I dislike broth soups. However, I like Pho. I don’t know if it is … Continue reading

Hungry Anyone?

I have been eating outside my home way too much and the food that I am getting isn’t that great any way. Today I decided that it is time to make some home food. I am in the mood for tacos. I don’t want the usual ground beef and pack seasoning tacos that my mom … Continue reading